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Yes, you could have an old-timey Wheaties ad without a sports celebrity

August 29, 2014


Wheaties has (have?) always leaned heavily on placing sports heroes on the front of its boxes, mainly to draw attention to their product as people roll their carts down the cereal aisle and its avalanche of sugary contemporaries. Their ads are no different, and we’ve posted a number of them here: Ralph Kiner, Hank Greenberg, Phil Rizzuto and Bob Davies are just a few of the old-timey legends to grace the Wheaties comic book marketing arm. Even long-forgotten names like Bert LaBrucherie have been thrown into the mix. BUY OUR CEREAL!!!

But above we have an actual example of a generic Wheaties comic book ad, in the wild, as it were. Though apparently Wheaties couldn’t be bothered to actually commission two separate drawings of the pitcher and the catcher, and instead settled for reversing one into a mirror image for its second appearance. The Breakfast of Laziness?

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