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Wheaties’ endorsement standards were much lower back in Bert LaBrucherie’s day

May 25, 2012

One good season at UCLA was apparently enough to get you a full page spread hawking Wheaties back in 1947. Frank McCormick and Hank Greenberg, they of sustained diamond excellence, are still shaking their heads up in baseball heaven over this.

I’ll say this for the handsome Mr. LaBrucherie: He was at least less jowly than contemporaneous football coach Frank Thomas. Perhaps he didn’t wash his bowl of Wheaties down with a hearty plate of eggs and bacon.

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  1. Justine permalink
    October 4, 2013 2:23 am

    As the granddaughter of Bert, no he wasn’t horribly jowly– he kept fit well into his mid-sixties, when he gave up tennis. He kept the golf going until the end.

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