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Hey, here’s a Doctor Strange treasury to help out whoever the hell finally gets cast in the movie

August 28, 2014


The casting carousel for the upcoming Doctor Strange movie continues apace. Who will portray Marvel’s Sorcerer Supreme on the big screen? Johnny Depp? Jon Hamm? Joaquin Phoenix? Humberto Cumberbund Benedict Cumberbatch? The latest name mentioned, Jack Huston (one of the finalists for the Star-Lord role in Guardians of the Galaxy)?

Whoever it winds up being — and hell, the announcement might be made just before this post is published — here’s hoping that the glorious treasury advertised above is part of the research packet given out to help ready them for the role. Ditko! Gene Colan! The Dread Dormammu! Not necessarily in that order!

Tangentially: It’s a testament to the Marvel heyday that they could even make the act of mailing a coupon and the delivery of a book to your door sound exciting, with puffery and alliteration to spare.

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