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SWEET FANCY MOSES THEY’RE SELLING A REAL- oh, wait, it’s just a toy vampire bat. Carry on.

August 26, 2013


For a moment, you actually think that this ad is hawking live vampire bats for sale, which would be, like, the greatest goddamn thing ever. All fairness to canaries and monkeys, but an enormous, fanged, screeching winged mammal would be the trump in the mail order pet game. Sadly, though, it’s just a toy that’s being pushed, not the real blood-sucking thing. It’s still a great item to use to terrify the female members of your family, just not the nuclear ICBM that it could have been. Alas.

No idea if these are related to Gre-Gory, otherwise known as the Slim Goodbody of bats.

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