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The Pit Stop Gang had more quiet dignity than the Monkees in the 1969 CBS cartoon lineup

August 9, 2013


There are a number of big names in this ad, from Archie to Shaggy to Davy Jones, but nevertheless CBS’s 1969 Saturday morning cartoon lineup feels like a bleak wasteland. The Mystery Machine denizens are the only ray of light. No, Sabrina is not a selling point in this dojo. (My grandmother loved the live action show from 10-15 years ago. She liked the talking cat, for whatever that’s worth, which is admittedly not much.) We need a Richard Pryor infusion, STAT.

On a related note, and apologies for the crudity, but Scooby-Doo looks like he’s screwing up to drop a huge deuce. It would land on the Monkees, too, which is oddly appropriate. DAYDREAM BELIEVE THIS, BOYS!

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