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Richard Pryor: Educator, Humanitarian, Friend to Children

January 24, 2013


Much of the non-Harbaugh lead-up to next weekend’s Super Bowl is going to (nauseatingly) focus on Ray Lewis and his journey from accused accessory to murder, under still-cloudy and unforgiven circumstances, to a respected (somewhat) first-ballot Hall of Famer — a Gospel-spewing legal crusher of skulls. Mazel. This ad struck a similar chord while doing some scanning the other day. No one would say that the late Richard Pryor was ever as dopey as RayRay, but his evolution — from an incredibly funny, raunchy comedian with a penchant from setting himself on fire while freebasing cocaine (Accidental Ghost Rider!), into a (short-lived) Saturday morning cartoon block fixture — is similarly remarkable. Sid and Marty Krofft + Richard Pryor + Sesame Street = Pryor’s Place. It’s a crazy world we live in, truly one where anything is possible.

Incidentally, does Pryor’s Place rank above or below Pryor’s turn in Superman III? Or are they both equally august accomplishments?

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  1. Thelonious_Nick permalink
    January 24, 2013 2:16 pm

    If you have a high tolerance for profanity (and I think you do!) search for Richard Pryor Roast on YouTube. Let’s just say if you make Richard Pryor the guest of honor at your roast you’d better be ready when it’s his turn to talk. Superman III would have been about ten times better if he’d been allowed to use some of his material from that night, though no kid would ever have been allowed to see it.

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