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This nylon baseball bat and stupid looking t-shirt patch have to rank as one of the worst combos ever

August 17, 2013


We all remember when nylon bats took the sports world by storm and simultaneously consigned their wooden and aluminum kinsmen to — wait, we don’t remember that. Because it never happened. This ad is from the 1970s, and during my 80s-90s halcyon days, aluminum was still the durable bat-material of choice for youth baseball. Still is. A nylon bat sounds unbelievably cheap and crappy, and they were, hence their utter disappearance from the face of the Earth.

But hey, you could get a really dopey patch if you bought one, so you could forever mar a perfectly fine t-shirt. And who wouldn’t a want a smiling Voit face on their clothes, one that looks like Mr. Yuk’s moronic cousin or something — right? Wear it like a scarlet letter A. (One gets the feeling that the iron in the above ad isn’t there having just pressed the patch onto the fabric, but is poised to singe it into oblivion, like the wrath of God on the Nazi crate in Raiders of the Lost Ark.)

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