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Get a head start on your Internal Affairs dossier and disciplinary review board hearing with the Peace Officer Training Service

August 10, 2013


Did the people putting this ad together double-check the images they were going to include to spice up the copy? Because what, might I ask, is the leggy broad sitting oh so suggestively doing in here? “Take our course, and you too can take advantage of your power and position of authority to coerce sexual favors from suspects!” Maybe the Peace Officer Training Service also offered the aspiring Paul Blarts of the world courses in shakedowns, evidence tampering, mob ties and excessive force. We can only hope.

Just what the world needs: cops trained through comic book ads — a not uncommon phenomenon, apparently.

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  1. m.l. post permalink
    August 10, 2013 9:06 pm

    Reminds me of this a-hole I grew up whose older brother was a cop so he figured it made him a junior G-man. He made the mistake of showing off his brother’s handcuffs to some older kids and was quickly handcuffed to a pole and de-panced. Lucky for him the town pervert was away on business.

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