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Watch Bob Hope’s pal Super-Hip try his damnedest to out-Scooter Scooter

August 4, 2013


A few weeks ago we looked at an advertisement for Scooter, the mod, cool hipster purportedly loved by women and respected by men. That ad, with its horrid, stilted verbiage, was one of the most insufferable promos ever crafted by man, and forced a reader to suppress an urge to scissor-kick the entire book containing it into oblivion.

This subscription ad featuring Super-Hip (née Tadwallader Jutefruce (seriously)), a part of Bob Hope’s comic’s supporting cast (his fictional nephew), is similarly bad, though it lacks the refined horror of Scooter’s since S-H was a (slightly) more creative character. (His main weakness in his super-state was Lawrence Welk music. This was/is fun. My grandmother’s record collection would have been his Waterloo.) He’s even re-appeared in recent years alongside Batman (of all people), long after the cancellation of his native series, and long since his Austin Powers/Jon Pertwee Doctor Who attire went out of style. That’s something beyond the ken of Scooter’s Beatley good looks.

That said, you still want to El Kabong the bastard. For his very name — actually, both of them — if nothing else.

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  1. m.l. post permalink
    August 5, 2013 12:53 am

    Well, he was right about one thing. Bob Hope was pretty square.

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