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Here’s a Swing with Scooter ad that will leave you wanting to drive the British invasion back into the sea

July 2, 2013


If this ad were a human face, I wouldn’t know which part of it to punch first. The nose? The jaw? The ear? Swing at Scooter, as it were. Even at a distant remove of years, the eponymous Scooter, DC’s lame (but fairly long-running) attempt to glom onto the immense popularity of the Beatles and their limey kin, is nauseating. Wouldn’t you love to go all El Kabong on him? The indecipherable, completely made up slang in the text certainly doesn’t help, and Shakespeare, from the grave, is renouncing the misuse of his good name. (If you set that “poem” to music, a crack would open up in the Earth and suck us all down to the depths of Hell. I’m sure of it.)

I have a headache now. Good-bye.

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  1. July 2, 2013 10:12 pm

    Wow, I’m now completely filled with disgust and rage. Thanks for sharing, I guess?

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