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Here’s one straight from the WTF file – Time Beavers

August 13, 2010

Those aren’t Ewoks. Yes, they’re beavers. They’re beavers with guns. And grenades. In space.

This one’s is out there, Jerry.

I saw this magazine-sized book in a friend’s store the other day and had to have it. It’s a bit off the beaten path, but I just had to know what in the holy hell was going on with this thing. I associate writer/artist Timothy Truman and his detailed work with grittier material (Grimjack, Jonah Hex), not short anthropomorphic rodents. That makes this book, published in 1985, a bit of an anomaly, and consequently worth a look.

From left to right on the cover, our beavers are named Mac, Slapper (nyuk nyuk), Shiner and (the Teddy Roosevelt-looking) Doc. Here’s another view of all of them:

The plot of the book follows this task force of beavers as they work to protect the Dam of Time. Yes, that’s right, the Dam of Time. They’re in a war against evil rats that try to sabotage events in the past and destroy the Dam. During the course of the story our beavers travel to the France of Cardinal Richelieu, interrupt Adolf Hitler’s final moments in his Berlin bunker, and in between stop off in Gettysburg and encounter Honest Abe before his brief but soaring rhetorical flourish:

Everything builds up to a final Star Wars-y battle at the Dam of Time, and one of the beavers makes the ultimate sacrifice to save it. The story has a lot of Time Bandits in it and it isn’t terribly original, but… Wait, what am I saying? Not original?

It’s beavers with f***ing guns, people!

That’s what they call “worth the price of admission.”

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