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George Barris and the iPatrol team to hawk odd bikes and foil mustachioed parade-haters

October 4, 2014


George Barris designed many an odd conveyance. From the surf hearse to the Munsters’ Dragula to a hot rod capped by a gigantic pickelhaube, his creations excited the fancy of odd-car enthusiasts and model kit aficionados. Above we see his dalliance with in the realm of self-propelled two wheels, the main innovation of which appears to be upright handlebars. I’m not certain whether this is a good or bad thing — it definitely has its share of goofy — but the iPatrol (no relation to Apple, Inc.) seems to have taken to these “Kustomizable” Iverson bikes with abandon. And with them they helped foil the nefarious scheme of a villain apparently on loan from a Scooby-Doo cartoon, one who may not be wearing his hatred of parades on his sleeve, but instead literally wears it on his sweatshirt. So there’s that.

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