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Can’t decide whether to go with a hard top or a soft top on your car? Opt instead for a GIANT SPIKED GERMAN HELMET.

September 22, 2012

A stickler might wonder why a car dedicated to the Red Baron’s memory — he has a brand of frozen pizza, why not a car? — would be capped by a shiny helmet more associated with Prussian infantry units than aviators. I suppose goggles and a scarf would strike less fear in imaginary motorists. Whatever the reasoning, this bitch blows George Barris and his dopey custom model kits right off the road, and could do so quite literally with THE CHROMED MACHINE GUNS.

Did you know that this kind of helmet was called a pickelhaube? Neither did I. Now you do. And click here if you want to see one of these hot rods in real life — yes, some have actually existed (without live ammo?), and the one in the link came complete with a swimsuit-clad model, her back arched erotically for your viewing pleasure. (And you can do some further reading — and gawking — here.)

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