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It’s October, so here are some terrible old DC Comics Halloween costumes to get you in the mood

October 3, 2014


Who wouldn’t want to dress up as Batman or Superman for Halloween? But since when did Batman have “BATMAN” written across the bat-symbol? And when did Superman start wearing an eye mask? And when did they both cut the sleeves off of their tights? Are we supposed to think that they both just had good workouts at the Justice League gym, and want to show off their guns to all the ladies? Sun’s out guns out?

And boy, DC was really pushing Isis hard back in the day, weren’t they? One imagines that Wonder Woman is somewhere off-page, arms crossed, huffily tapping her foot. In the spirit of the post: when did Isis start wearing a picture of herself over her private area?

After the dreaded inaccuracies of the hero costumes — a fault these store-bought staples have always had — the masks are a welcome change. A dash of vérité even. But who ever would have imagined that in a lineup that included a Hunchback, the Creature from the Black Lagoon and the Mummy, that the Goof would be the most horrifying? GAH KILL IT!

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  1. Phil permalink
    October 3, 2014 10:04 pm

    I like that Isis one.

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