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What better way to market Fleer’s 1991 baseball cards than with the old Batman TV show’s sound effect graphics?

September 12, 2014


Score may have had the gentle touch of Don Mattingly to help pimp their 1991 baseball card lineup, but Fleer decided to mine something else to grab the comic book reader’s attention: the graphic onomatopoeia of the 1960s Adam West Batman series. Which is more effective? Who knows? But you have to grant that BAM! and POW! might be the superior attention-grabbers. Sorry, Donnie Baseball. (No KRAKATHOOM! though? LETDOWN.)

And if Score in ’91 had the art cards with big heads as their “Huh?” subset, Fleer had art cards with special effects, like the one above with Dwight Gooden and his immolated glove. Maybe he’s supposed to be the flame-throwing MLB equivalent of the Human Torch (or Toro?). Or maybe he set himself on fire Pryor-like after freebasing some cocaine. Again: who knows?

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