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The new British-accented Spider-Man!

April 28, 2016

Tom Holland, the new Spider-Man, is British. No problem with that, as any number of fine UK actors have donned American accents over the years to play their American cousins — American icons, even, which Spider-Man of course is. Andrew Garfield spent much of his life across the pond, so this isn’t something new or groundbreaking. And young Mr. Holland had a small role in the stupendous Wolf Hall, which was one of the best things you could watch on television last year, so he has that arrow in his resume quiver. But my ears perked up when I heard our new web-slinger greet Captain America in the above Civil War TV spot with “Big fan!” Or, actually, “Big Fahn!” Not to nitpick, but I don’t expect a kid from New York to sound like he vacations each summer on the Isle of Wight.

Or maybe I’m just hearing things. We’ll find out soon enough.

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