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Score with Don Mattingly! Score some Score baseball cards, that is!

September 7, 2014


Though my halcyon days of yore are long behind me, it’s still gratifying to see the hero of said youth, Donald Arthur Mattingly, at the forefront of an old-timey baseball card ad campaign. With a quote and everything!

Did someone actually go to Donnie Baseball with pen and pad in hand and get the endorsement of Score baseball cards seen above? Was that trademark thick eyeblack of his still smeared across his face when it was given? One can only hope. And as for the 1991 Score baseball cards themselves, my memory of them is limited, though I do recall the odd cartoony subset represented by the Ken Griffey, Jr. card in the ad. They were like small two-dimensional versions of bobbleheads. Or something. Weird.

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