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Re-enact corporate history and augur your polystyrene Eastern Airlines plane right into the ground!

September 6, 2014


I owned one of these styrofoam planes back in the day, and it was great. It soared majestically for a time — about five tosses. Then it fell to Earth and snapped in two, and it was that moment I learned that space age styrofoam wasn’t the most repairable of substances, whether it was found in a Whoppers candy mail-in redemption product or the finest flying toy money could buy.

What does this mean for the above selection of like planes? I don’t know, other than that the fragility might be oddly fitting for the long-defunct Eastern Airlines. Go ahead and chuck your foam plane with that company’s forgotten indicia. Let it nosedive right into the ground, maybe taking thousands of jobs down with it.

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