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Your Whoppers Candy Sailplane: Hindenburg or Spruce Goose?

January 29, 2013


I had a variation on this styrofoam/polystyrene sailplane thing growing up. Somewhere in the family VHS archives there’s a tape showing it gliding majestically through the air, gently soaring upwards, then back towards the ground, and, just as it touched the surface of the Earth, catching a gust of wind and rising once more. On its own. As if by magic.

Unrecorded was the tragedy that occurred moments later, when I chucked it up for another flight and it augured down into the ground with vicious force, snapping the wings. Even if it had a little styrofoam black box, that too would have been obliterated.

I don’t know whether the Whoppers Candy iteration was more durable, but somehow I doubt it.

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