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“IT’S A HONEY,” declares Blondie and Dagwood’s follicularly-challenged progeny

July 16, 2014


The above ad, culled from the back of the Blondie comic examined two weeks ago (the one with stubbly Dagwood in a dress), is the second time in the last few days where we’ve seen a 1940s ad posted in which “honey” is used as slang. Apparently back in the day its usage didn’t just signify sweet bee-made goo and attractive women, but, like many words, was co-opted to evoke the general coolness of an object. Like, say, a collection of Chic Young strips. Feel free to add it to your own retro vocabulary. (I like to go way back and on occasion call people “poltroons.”

Whether the above collection was truly “A TONIC FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY” is for others to decide.

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