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A magic kit and Lifebuoy soap, all in one incredible offer?

July 13, 2014


The 1940s certainly were a different time.

We can all understand the appeal of magic secrets, especially those coming from Blackstone, a bit of a comic book hero in his own right. Who wouldn’t want to impress their friends with a “honey” of a trick? But soap? Has any youngster ever been fired up about soap? Maybe bubble bath mixture (with or without lascivious Mario eying your naked young flesh), but straight, rectangular, regular bar soap? Has any kid ever been as amped as the sudsed one depicted in this ad? Or were the boys and girls of the 1940s so filthy that magic was an inducement to maybe get them to bathe on a semi-regular basis?

Also, would love to know what rendering plant by-products found their way into Lifebuoy bars of old. Someone page Ralphie from A Christmas Story. “I told you not to use Lifebuoy!”

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