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The Green Team is (was) coming — watch for it/them/whatever!

November 22, 2013


“Remember the Green Team? The Boy Millionaires? That’s okay — no one remembers the Green Team.”

This was a statement you might have heard any time over the last several decades, before DC, in its infinite New 52 wisdom, decided to resurrect the concept, with boys becoming teens and millions becoming trillions (in vicious hyperinflation). Perhaps in this world of Zuckerbergs and Facebooks, the concept of young people fighting evil with stacks of cash is more plausible. Maybe they carry bitcoins stored in their smartphones now. Whatever. One of Joe Simon’s odder, shortest-lived creations lives on, if in a slightly altered form. And we’re so much the richer for it. (Not really.)

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  1. Volker permalink
    December 3, 2013 10:55 am

    And they sucked. As did Prez and Brother Power, the Geek. Poor Joe Simon couldn’t get another decent concept off the ground in those days. Except for Sandman, but he was more or less Kirby’s backpack on the first issue–even the dialogue smacks of the King.

    Now, Kirby’s Atlas was an awesome one-shot !!!

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