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C.C. Beck’s Captain Tootsie returns to hook more kids on his insidious, “pep”-filled Tootsie Rolls

September 8, 2013


This ad lacks some of the in-the-wild savagery and Frenchy comeuppance of other Captain Tootsie ads, but never before has our candy-themed champion’s pusher aspect been more to the fore. Sort of like a tall, muscular, blond, cancer-free Walter White. (“Say my name.” “Captain Tootsie.”) He’s only lacking a “The samples were free, now they’ll cost you” utterance to seal the addiction deal. But at least he didn’t chase the miscreant rival school kids down, skin them and make rugs out of them. There’s that.

The “pep” attributes of Tootsie Rolls are questionable (at best short-lived), but one wonders between them and Kelpidine pep pills which product gave you more get up and go and was the 5-hour ENERGY of the 1940s.

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