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C.C. Beck’s Captain Tootsie returns to bring grizzled pioneers Tootsie Rolls and slaughter bears indiscriminately

June 16, 2012

Before we’ve thrilled as Captain Tootsie punched a devious Frenchman, but this C.C. Beck-drawn ad takes his sugary “heroism” to a new level. Not only does he bring the pep of Tootsie Rolls to the deep forest (I can’t imagine that the aged coonskin cap-wearing pioneer’s teeth can handle their rugged chewiness), but he also uses A GODDAMN INFARED SNIPER RIFLE TO TAKE OUT A BEAR. AND THEN STRINGS UP ITS CARCASS FOR ALL TO SEE. “Humble mortals shall tremble at the approach of the Almighty Tootsie, and let none dare cross him, lest this be their fate.”

He apparently took the American Boys Bill of Rights to heart. With extreme prejudice.

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