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Hey, there’s a Fantastic Four movie coming out this summer! And it might be terrible!

January 27, 2015

You know when the biggest credit that the trailer can offer is “From the studio that brought you X-Men: Days of Future Past,” there might be something amiss. They’re kind of forgetting that 20th Century Fox is also the studio that botched the first two Fantastic Four movies, you know?

It’s nigh-unbelievable, but one could make a case that the Roger Corman Fantastic Four, the one that was never meant to be released and was filmed on a shoe-string budget and has been mocked incessantly since, might be the most successful film adaptation of Marvel’s first family to date. That could hold true in about seven months, too. All the pre-release buzz surrounding this summer’s reboot has been dreadful, with reports of on-set catastrophe and a criminal mishandling of one of the greatest villains in comic book lore. The above trailer, with its weepy piano and strings, pretentious shots of the cast, and another goddamn beam of light shooting up into the sky, isn’t changing the narrative.

Say what you will about the Corman Four, but at least its Doctor Doom felt like Doctor Doom. A cheap, corny Doctor Doom, but Victor von Doom nevertheless. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, people, and you especially don’t have to reinvent the wheel by making it a square. A millennial, blogging square. (Speaking of which, would it kill anyone to have Reed Richards be in his late 30s? Twilight: Fantastic Four.) One gets the nagging suspicion that people will be watching this thing through their fingers.

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  1. Derek permalink
    January 27, 2015 5:48 pm

    I am being more cautiously optimistic about this movie just because I like Josh Trank and the cast he assembled.
    And I think we can blame the hipster FF in this movie squarely on the creation of the Ultimate FF comic. If there had been no UFF then I bet we would have gotten a more mature Reed and crew.

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