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Only use “Spot Reducer” as a weight loss tool of last resort

January 21, 2013


If you were a Rubenesque gal in the 1940s and didn’t want to cram your ample flesh into a girdle any more than you wanted to stop eating, then this crap might have been perfect. Judging by the sometimes vague text, the “Spot Reducer” (never a good sign when even the purveyor puts quotes around a product) was some manner of cream that you rubbed on your problem areas, and your flab melted/burned away. It sounds like you’d find it on a shelf right next to what Bugs Bunny rubbed into Elmer Fudd’s scalp to make flowers grow. Also, I’m reminded of an old SNL fake commercial for a product that would dissolve excess fingers. In short: HORRIFYING.

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