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Nothing says “Christmas” like a wreath with Conan the Barbarian’s head on it

December 15, 2012


Marvel really knew how to tie in Christmas with their relentless hawking of subscriptions, what with Santa Iron Man, Spidey-stockings hung by the chimney with care and caroling super-villains. Who wouldn’t be proud to hang a wreath such as this one on the front door?

A question is begged: which character on the above Mighty Marvel Wreath of Yuletide Merriment would be most offensive to the most devout Christians, i.e. those that rail against drift away from Jesus and towards “X-Mas” and fat guys on sleighs? Conan, the ancient heathen who wallows in wenches and often finds himself elbows deep in blood? Or Dr. Strange, the master of the occult? It’s a toss-up — though I’d bet on the latter.

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