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Here, have some of the cheapest, ugliest luggage in the world

August 31, 2012

When they refer to this clunky junk as “NOT FANCY,” they’re not messing around. Luggage is by its very nature boxy and unsvelte, but for some reason this assemblage looks like its destined for a family of destitute refugees fleeing a European war.

I’m reminded of the time on Mystery Science Theater 3000 (they’re on my mind lately) when Joel gave Tom Servo a car and got Crow a pair of “sensible pants.” Imagine your parents telling you that they bought you something from an ad in a comic book. Could it be a Thor pillow? A t-shirt? Hell, even Gre-Gory would be great.

No. Luggage.

Then again, you can stack them like in the ad, so that they look like some abstract representation of a matryoshka doll. Fun.

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  1. September 1, 2012 11:03 am

    You could find the strangest things in comic book ads–it was like a clearinghouse for things priced so low that they were almost irresistible, no matter how much you didn’t need them. A 4-piece luggage set for $3–“imported and mass produced to make this price possible.” Sounds almost reasonable, doesn’t it? 🙂

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