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Why would boys and men like Wonder Woman? TV Guide investigates! – TV Guide, Jan. 29 – Feb. 4 1977

November 6, 2011

The Lynda Carter Wonder Woman was before my time, but I thought folks might enjoy this TV Guide article from during its run. Like a lecher’s eyes, this fluff piece goes straight to the star’s rack:

38, men! 38!

I flipped through the rest of this edition. Apart from the expected Welcome Back, Kotter and Barney Miller promos, I found this Phil Donahue blurb to be rather funny:

“The male homosexual.” They make it sound like an episode of Wild Kingdom. I don’t know how our society continues to survive without Phil’s hard-hitting journalism.

Anyway. Wonder Woman. I like that this Guide had a comicy cover for it (though it doesn’t quite match up to some of the Star Trek editions). That’s about all I can offer. Now the show is quite dated and makes The Six Million Dollar Man seem hip and prescient, but I can’t fault any program that gave the world one of the funnier bits from the earliest days of David Letterman’s CBS show.

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