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Trying to scan this thing was the real “horror” – The Fantastic Four in the House of Horrors (Big Little Book)

July 9, 2011

I had grand plans to do a post about this book from 1968, but its size and booky (hardcover) square-bound format make its innards difficult to scan, and its age has made the binding so brittle I dare not push my luck. If you’re unfamiliar with the long-lived but now defunct Big Little Book format, this Wikipedia entry is a good place to start. They’re kind of odd and kind of neat, even if the subject matter is clearly aimed at younger readers. In this one the art half of the content is quite well done, and though the lack of word and thought balloons separates them from the comic book original (giving it a silent film feel), the quality of the illustration is generally worthy of the “World’s Greatest Comic Magazine.” Just to give you an idea of what the inside feels like, with the other page being filled with text:

That scan was gained at the price of great apprehension. I was waiting to hear the spine snap.

And so ends my tepid, abortive foray into the Big Little World of Big Little Books.

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