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Christopher Reeve and a 1980s camcorder will make you believe a kid can fly!

July 25, 2015

I liked Man of Steel, Superman’s most recent film iteration. I look forward, with some trepidation, to him (finally) sharing a screen with Batman next year. But no one ever wore the cape and boots like Christopher Reeve, and it’s likely that no one ever will. And really, could you picture Henry Cavill in the above commercial? With his chainmailish, muted costume, and after snapping (justifiably, granted) Zod’s neck?

Related note: the fact that I remember camcorders like that — camcorders period — makes me feel like a fossil. Like when my grandmother used to tell me about old-timey things like the guy who’d play the piano in the back of the theater when she’d go to a movie as a young lass.

Last related note: was this Reeve’s last appearance in anything Superman related before his riding accident?

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