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The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer is pretty much the exact opposite of what you’d want it to be!

April 19, 2015

It’s not this trailer’s fault that it leaked in the wake of the sunny, nostalgia-laden promo for The Force Awakens, forcing Warner Bros. to put it online ahead of the dopey IMAX screening. But the juxtaposition is unfortunate, to say the least, and it’s taken a few days to process its underwhelmingness. I continue to worry that the first cinematic meeting between Batman and Superman, which we’ve all been waiting on our entire lives, is sailing way wide of the tonal mark. It shouldn’t be a dirge. It shouldn’t be a chore. It shouldn’t feel like it takes place in the Se7en universe. These are characters that should be wary of one another to start, but I don’t know that Batman should menacingly be asking Superman “Do you bleed?” at their first meeting. (Of course, knowing what’s leaked out about the movie, he could be asking that of another superpowered being battled in the movie’s climax. But probably not.) That Batman vs. Predator vs. Alien fan film from a decade-plus ago had more cheer. Based on all the gloom I’m almost afraid we’re going to find out one of these characters is a heroin addict or something. Ain’t nobody singing songs about these guys.

I also don’t know that I’d want my first official tease to open with a Charlie Rose soundbite (nothing says comic book hijinks like a PBS host), but whatever. My mind shall remain open, because by God I really want this to be good. Nonetheless — worried.

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