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How dare Revell not trumpet from the rooftops their Magnum, P.I. model kit?

December 20, 2014


This ad is really burying the lede, don’t you think? Yes, having a full-sized Atari arcade game would be great — though it might be a nightmare for parents, and cramming it into a model kit box would take a Tardis-like spatial distortion. But isn’t the Magnum, P.I. model the star of the Revell show here?

Who wouldn’t want to slap together a pint-sized version of Thomas Sullivan Magnum’s Ferrari? Is it fully detailed, right down to the ROBIN1 Hawaii license plate? Is there a companion kit for T.C.’s Island Hoppers helicopter? [Answer: yes.] So many questions, and a must-have for anyone with unopened boxes of Magnum trading cards lurking around the house. To anyone reading this thinking about what to get a certain blog proprietor for Christmas — HINT, HINT.

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