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“The world needs a futuristic Phantom series. And a video game based on the same.” – No One, 1994

August 21, 2014


In fairness, Phantom 2040 was a reasonably well-made cartoon despite its urban setting, with plots having a semblance of intellect behind them. But we’re not talking Batman here, a venerable character that can sustain interpretations on multiple platforms, including a futuristic series based on the original character — just ask Billy Zane. The Ghost Who Walks has his place, but it only encompasses so much.

If the mid-1990s Aeon Fluxy animation in the series wasn’t enough to float your boat, there was always the video game. Save Metropia! Whatever the hell that is! (It’s New York City, which would still be called New York City in any non-insufferable alternate future.)

But the question is begged: What about the Phantom’s Defenders of the Earth buddies? Don’t they get dystopian updates? No Lothar 2040? We’ve been swindled!


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  1. August 21, 2014 9:33 pm

    That was a pretty good cartoon. I remember this one great line from it. An android said, “My name is Heisenberg, but I can’t be certain.” As for the Defenders of the Earth, remember that the Phantom is a legacy title and not just a person. The rights holder is actually quite fussy about the timeline of Phantoms.

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