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Red Letter Media vs. Transformers

June 28, 2014

By now many of you may have dragged yourselves to the latest Michael Bay Transformers debacle, and have emerged from your screening numb and wondering how anyone could ever consider bringing a child into a world with such hideous evil in it. The sane response is to vow on the graves of your forebears to never again purchase a ticket to any Bay “film,” enter a monastery perched on a remote mountaintop and only accessible by a perilous donkey ride, and devote the rest of your days to cleansing your sullied soul.

Or you can take the tack of our intrepid pals at Red Letter Media, and watch the first three in one sitting. Not sequentially, mind you, but all at once, in some Clockwork Orangeish self-flagellation. The highlights of the above video? The way the movies eerily sync up with one another, suggesting (if not proving) what a cookie-cutter hack Bay is at heart. The way Rich, Jay and Mike all look like their heads are about to explode Scanners-style when the movies reach their “exciting” finales. And, as always, the sylvan laughter of Rich Evans.

Don’t try this at home.

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