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All this Daisy “Spittin’ Image” air gun lacks is a runaway stage to complete the look

April 3, 2014


All BB guns have an implied promise of great prestige for the lucky boy (or girl) who buys one or has one bought for them. That a new respect will follow them around, and that bands of villains will be repulsed from the family homestead by hot pellets fired from its long muzzle. You know, pretty much the Christmas Story dream sequence, with Raphie shooting outlaws in the ass with his Red Ryder.

But Daisy’s Spittin’ Image rifle would find it hard to live up to its ad billing. Are there a lot of runaway stagecoaches in the neighborhood, upon which you can perch precariously and blast away at pursuing bandits/Comanches/whatevers? If not, everything after the above imagery is going to be a comedown. A big comedown, eyes shot or not.

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