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Press your own dopey records with this ancient vinyl kit

March 30, 2014


As we spiral further and further into our self-absorbed Instagrammed culture, with people kind enough to share endless photos of the meals they’re eating and the aching, mind-numbing minutiae of their family lives, we can look back to the quaint days of home-made vinyl records and sigh. Sigh and admire this largely vanished technology that was the previous century’s most enduring method of preserving audible crap by physical means. Baby’s first words? Your terrible, terrible singing? Clunky piano playing that sounds like the keys are being struck by cloven hooves? You could preserve it all on the venerable successor to Edison’s cylinder, only to have it thrown out years later by your children and grand-children as they clean out your dusty, cobwebbed basement. Handy!

There’s something to be said about the amount of effort that went into this old tech — you should have to work hard if you’re out to preserve your own insufferability. Also, it’s apparently a great way for meeting chicks. The picture on top wouldn’t lie to us, right?

Finally, you have to love that it runs on either AC or DC power. Now that’s a mark of old-timeyness.

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  1. mlpost permalink
    March 30, 2014 11:08 pm

    Can I use this to make a record of myself singing “Flash” by Queen?
    Just askin’.

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