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Dubble Bubble: preferred gum of chubby kids in beanies and tomboys in trees!

March 29, 2014


So Dubble Bubble wasn’t just a gum with anti-bullying properties and an ability to make a Thing with Two Heads — it was also the preferred gum of tree-dangling tomboys named, of course, Tommy. (A veritable suburban lady Tarzan is this Tommy.) Who ever knew DB was so versatile, the MacGyver of chewy sugar products?

Shame on this ad, though, for not going full-on with the “Dubble” spelling, and letting a “double” sneak into the last panel. This lack of commitment is so egregious it’s almost enough to make you overlook the absurd “tasty, pure and wholesome” puffery right below. Almost. (Two of those descriptors don’t belong — see if you can guess which ones.) Dubble down, Fleer! Come on!

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  1. mlpost permalink
    March 29, 2014 7:24 pm

    That chubby kid is the same chubby kid from Little Lulu! “Tubby,” or somesuch. I think that might even be the same beanie on his head.
    Ya can’t blame the kid, he probably needed the work. It may not be Bazooka Joe money, but whatever pays the rent.

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