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Keep your schedule in order with the suddenly new again Marvel 1975 calendar

March 13, 2014


Sometimes the patterns of years repeat themselves, and old calendars that you’ve stuffed in boxes and closets and drawers are suddenly relevant again — a “cataclysmic compendium” indeed. (Just ignore the fact that January and February have already come and gone. Sorry for the delay, everybody.)

Maybe you have a burning need to know Namor’s Zodiac sign (has to be Aquarius, right?), or an unquenchable thirst to know Flo Steinberg’s birthday. Whatever the case, feel free to check out scans of the pictures and months in this old-timey bit of Marvel merchandising here. I don’t know about you, but nothing says “March” to me quite like Luke Cage punching through a brick wall. Excelsior!

Finally — not to play the grammar police, but “Learn the birthdays of your pet bullpen biggie” either needs to take the “s” off one word or add one to another, take your pick. Can I get a decades-old No-Prize for a house ad?

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