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One imagines the Spider-Man Web-Maker was just as underwhelming in real life

October 25, 2013


Should you want to augment your half-hearted Spider-Man Halloween costume with a half-hearted Web-Maker, then maybe the product at the top of this ad is for you. Just don’t confuse it with your travel-size tube of toothpaste. And don’t be too sad if the web-tube runs dry just as you’re getting the hang of slinging. (In fairness, the Web-Maker apparently generates waves of nostalgia for those who owned it.)

Hey, you can even get a Hyperborean map while you’re at it, one endorsed by a punny Conan the Barbarian himself — in a shameless sellout. Excelsior.

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  1. Volker Stieber permalink
    October 25, 2013 2:00 pm

    My brother and I shared a tube of the stuff back in the day.

    The webmaker would have been disappointing had it not been for our childlike imaginations and the fact that the stuff was super-messy (i.e. great fun for boys).

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