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Develop a fearsome, General-Zod-killing grip with your “Karate Hand Krusher”

October 3, 2013


In an odd twist, “Muscle Tools” can refer both to the items being used and the people using them. Heyooooo!

There’s a lot going on here in this assemblage of bodybuilding wares — which, in fairness, don’t look anywhere near as dangerous as their 1940s counterparts. The Trojan Big 7 sounds like a condom for the slightly above average male. The German Iron Horseshoe sounds like an instrument of torture, made by a nation of experts. The 007 Power Twister has nothing to do with licenses to kill — one imagines. And the Karate Hand Krusher must give you one hell of a grip, because by golly Crusher is spelled with a K. Get to work building your hand muscles and Popeye forearms so that you can kill a defenseless General Zod in cold blood!

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