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Charles Atlas is back to browbeat more pathetic weaklings into a life of physical fitness

August 24, 2013


We’ve seen the Charles Atlas “Made a Man out of Mac” ads before, but never this variant, which arranges the famous strip vertically on the side. The “Don’t Be Half a Man!” verbiage is a new twist too. It’s worth noting that it came out of the same comic as the browbeaten, uneducated, suicidal housewife — so the shame-based marketing gender bases were well-covered in that issue.

Just to poke a little hole in Atlas’s puffery, I’d like to point out that a man whose calves look like they’ve been in casts for the past two months shouldn’t be throwing around this “half a man” business. Take a break from the isometrics and do some raises, Charles. Maybe a lunge or two while you’re at it.

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  1. August 24, 2013 10:59 am

    I never knew where the term “He-Man” came from as slang for virility, but–well, isn’t it redundant?

    • August 24, 2013 8:32 pm

      They have such an overabundance of manliness, redundancy is the only way to adequately quantify it. I guess.

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