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The senses-shattering return of Walter White

August 11, 2013


Breaking Bad returns tonight to AMC for its final run of episodes. It might be the best TV show ever, so enjoy its stark, drug-addled, New Mexican brilliance while it lasts. Will Hank finally throw his crooked brother-in-law in the hoosegow? Who lives? Who dies? We’re all on tenterhooks.

BB has little to do with comics, but enough that I once wrote a brief piece on how its central character, Bryan Cranston’s bald, bearded, constantly-descending-into-evil Walter White, has a number of aspects that made him very much a comic book superhero — or anti-superhero, as it were. He’s certainly no avatar of virtue, but there’s endless fun to be had in dissecting his web of deception, not to mention the onion layers of his mind. Feel free to check out my one small stab at one strand of the web, one layer of the onion.

Now that I’ve pimped that article from close to two years ago (or pushed it like fine, pure, blue meth), you can go on about your day. Enjoy the final eight shows.

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