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You thought Scooter’s doggerel was bad? Dig this. (Actually, don’t.)

July 8, 2013


This was found on the page opposite the insufferable Swing with Scooter nonsense posted here last week. Since it seemed DC had tempted fate by having these two God-awful monstrosities facing one another, perhaps inviting a tear in Einsteinian space-time or something, I thought I’d put a little buffer between them. Yet this text still needs to be seen. Oh yes it does. Because it’s a wonder torch-carrying, pitchfork-wielding villagers (from Squaresville?) didn’t storm the DC offices after it was unveiled.

DC managed to distill every teeth-aching bit of hepcat-speak from all the Teen Titans books of this era and condense it into eight lines. Quite amazing, really.

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