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Build muscles, join the space program. It’s a simple two step progression.

May 25, 2013


The space program of the 1960s inspired many things: books, movies, music, soaring flights or rhetoric, you name it. According to this ad, it was also a selling point for comic book bodybuilding courses. And, though rippling abdominals and engorged biceps might not be the most useful physical traits for a moonwalking astronaut, this ad has a secondary interest. The fist-wagging muscleman who dominates it is implied to be Ben Rebhuhn, the purveyor of this straight path to mighty muscles. But we’ve seen the same guy before, when he seemed to be George F. Jowett. Was this an old-timey bodybuilding stock photo? Was there a bodybuilding snake oil salesman out there, changing his name to avoid the law, creditors and ex-wives?

Chew on this as you’re developing your “legs of endless endurance.”

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