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WARNING: Evel Knievel coins are not legal tender. So don’t even try.

April 11, 2013


It’s not that a devoted fan of Evel Knievel, one not satisfied with the usual assortment of Knievel action figure merchandise, shouldn’t have even more junk to buy. Whatever scratches your itch, the more the merrier, etc. But the “Antique” verbiage in this ad for Knievel coins is a bit of a head-scratcher. Were they a means of exchange when the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock? Were bags of Knievels paid in tribute to Roman proconsuls? Had Nostradamus foreseen the death-defying exploits of a man in a white jumpsuit? (Maybe it’s the bronze that’s antique, if that makes any sense.)

Dumber than Conan coins? YOU DECIDE. E Pluribus Knievel.

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