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This Mr. Mxyzptlk ad appears to offer you a deal, at least it does if you can wade through the backwards spelling

March 17, 2013


Mr. Mxyzptlk and the backwards speech that’s supposed to send him back to his 5th dimension home are fine in small doses, but when you have to machete your way through a whole paragraph of that crap, it’s a bit much. It’s like a Zatanna spell straight from Hades. Aren’t ads, even those for comic book subscriptions, supposed to be straight-forward and easy to digest? Isn’t that the point? Wasn’t this principle well-developed even in the late 1960s? Isn’t an ad that gives you a headache and makes you quit reading it halfway through just about 180 degrees away from where it should be?

The least DC could do is give you three months free on each book ordered, in honor of Mxyzptlk’s 90 day return ban. Or a complimentary purple bowler/derby hat.

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