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Uncle Bernie’s Fun Shop sold projectors, scary vent figures, odd fish bowls and naked lady voyeurism

February 15, 2013


Say what you will about Uncle Bernie’s Fun Shop, but it certainly didn’t lack for variety. Where else could you get an ancient View-Master, a horrifying Howdy Doodyish ventriloquist dummy (that would surely come alive at night and stab you in the eye with a letter opener), an overly complex fish bowl (would it really make the fish happier, or would it make them loathe their confinement even more?) and a wall shower? It’s the last item that’s the most mundane, yet most striking. We’ve already seen that Golden Age comics weren’t beyond advertising improvements to the modern marvel of indoor plumbing, but this one takes it to an erotic extreme. Isn’t that one of the most nude young women you’ll ever see in a 1950s comic book? Though there’s no full-frontal (and the nipple is excised), this lady’s profile is certainly worthy of inclusion in Peter Griffin’s side boob retrospective. And is that a kid in one of the insets? THIS JUST TOOK A DARK TURN.

Are we supposed to think that Bernie got a shot of the shower lady by drilling a hole into a neighboring apartment? Was this a Porky’s scenario? An Erin Andrews level violation? Is this a felony? Did Bernie ever get a knock on the door from Joe Friday and Bill Gannon? Uncle Bernie was arrested on charges of third degree voyeurism and tried on June 14th in the Superior Court of the County of Los Angeles. In a moment, the results of that trial.

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  1. February 16, 2013 9:57 pm

    Those novelty shops must have done a healthy business in their day–those ads appeared for years, and in a number of rack mags. I don’t recall seeing them much (if at all) anymore–either because the novelty business dried up, or people just stopped “biting” at those eye-catching ads because they weren’t falling for the copy as often as they used to.

    Out of curiosity, I have to wonder how many of Uncle Bernie’s novelties were priced at $2.98? 🙂

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