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Playing Risk against George C. Marshall — tons of fun or a pain in the buns?

January 26, 2013


First General George C. Marshall would conquer the world, then Secretary of State George C. Marshall would rebuild the conquered nations. THE MAN.

For the original picture (no, Marshall wasn’t really playing Risk, and the board game wasn’t miraculously photographed in color while everything else stayed in black and white), click here — the full shot includes the luckless officers cropped out so the image would fit on the back of a comic. All the original photo sources I found on the web only labeled the officers surrounding the seated, Risk-loving Marshall with the generic “general staff” nomenclature, so I had to dig around to confirm some of my ID suspicions. If any military/WWII buff out there wants to name all of the brass in this pic (including the man behind Marshall’s left shoulder who looks like a thin(ner) Churchill), there’s an imaginary gold star for the first to list them. Have at it. (To get you started: “Hap” Arnold is among the onlookers — I think.)

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