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Marvelites! Here’s some stuff you actually might like for a change! (Like a Thor stein. A THOR STEIN.)

January 11, 2013


A Thor beer stein has a certain inescapable logic to it, an inevitability. One should quaff mead from no less, even if it’s likely made of plastic and not the ceramic or engraved metal that the subject demands. Where’s our Odin flagon? (And why not Thor on the advertised stein? No offense to Spider-Man, but did Marvel realize the goldmine they were sitting on here?)

Often ads for comic book hazarai are filled with clunkers. Dopey looking squirt guns, crappy “costumes” (See, I’m Superman! I’m wearing a terrible mask and a shirt with his name on it!) and all that jazz. But everything in this ad one could readily use in daily life. Who wouldn’t want to pull greenbacks from a Green Goliath wallet? (That blows away the Old West variety, btw.) Or cleanse their chompers with a Spider-Man toothbrush? Or sip their morning coffee from a Captain America mug, becoming a caffeinated Super-Soldier ready to bound into the day?

You don’t know where to start with this one, and for once that’s a good thing.

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